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sport. instead, the actress is featured in a new ad for the australian based site called crazy domains. and this ad, which is now banned in the uk, anderson and a co-worker are wearing gold my kinnys as cream is thrown on them. viewers claimed the ad objectifies women. real life hangover. it's a scene right out of the hit movie "the hangover." but for robert pearman, his party didn't have a hollywood ending. after a night of party, he was slapped with a criminal complaint for damages caused to a 5,800 square foot room at a hotel in las vegas. the police report says he was drunk when he destroyed floors, drapes, chairs and other decor inside his high roller sweet. pearman was later booked and charged with injury to proper of another. his lawyers are blaming a third party for the damages.
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well, thanks for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up soon with overnight developing news. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow. as always, we'll online. . f
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>> president will spend the night before delivering an address on health care there tomorrow. good evening. >> president arrived at moffitt field tonight at 5:45 and headed off to 2 fundraisers. we have the president in san jose. >> but we begin with lisa in portola valley tonight. >> the parking lot behind me was packed with people. short time ago. tremendous tried to catch a glimpse of the president after he left afá fundraiser erased 800 to 90 900,000 dollars. president left portola valley just after "new "newsnight"tonightthet the fundraiser of and price to attend the dinner from a,000 dollars a pivrnlt i look forward to it. >> the hefty price tag bought a photo op with the president and
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about education and obama desire for democrat to control congress insisting this would be the only way to get things done. half mile away this group gathered along trunk road. greeted the president as motorcade drove by. >> more people here and everybody was like excited and they were hoping to get a glimpse of him. >> democrat welcome the president in palo alto started california visit with short reception that cost 2500 dollars a person to attend. >> talk about education, talk about the challenge in congress to get things through about compromise and then of course keeping optimistic about america and the dream. >> but outside this reception there were protestors angry what they call the president look of emphasis on environmental issues.
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protestors didn't seem to phase the presidentment one reception guest about that. >> probably the only person there mom outside protesting. >>reporter: last time the president visited the bay area was in april. lisa abc 7 news. >> now as lisa mentioned the president talked about easing the grid lock in washington by restoring democratic control to the house and senate. now that discord in dc has been on his mind for quite some time. we talked about it with the exclusive interview back in february. >> decision made by the republican party that the best political strategy would be to block what we are trying to do. but hope spring eternal when it comes to me. i'm an optimist and despite a lieutenant of the partisan differences twevb able to get a lot of things doychbility partisanship to which the president is devote ago lot of energy. another of course is health care reform. lillian
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continues live team coverage from downtown san jose where the witness talk about his affordal care act in the morning. lillian? >> that's right dan. in addition to giving a speech here tomorrow the president is spending the night here at the fairmont. motorcade arrived hour and a half ago and the fairmont hotel is locateddn't sp didn't see the president get out of the car. he was taken directly into an underground garage but his brief drive through san jose so exciting for the people enjoying a pleasant evening downtown. refresh to go hear the president will be squeezing in a policy address about obama care tomorrow considering his bay area visits are typically focused exclusively oising. fundraising. >> that's gvlt that's really good. >> why is that. >> well make even it out. seem like not just here trying to raise money to be able to let everybody else know that he's
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in on other business as women. i feel in like he needs to get out and raise pit for his programs. financially but also for what he believes in and what he wants to bring to california. >>reporter: president is scheduled to speak at 8:50 many a.expected to talk about how the afordable care act create quality affordable khous for california an who want to buy the fall. streets around the fairmont blocked off until the president leaves after the address so people who work downtown they have to find a different way to be office. >> live in san jose. 7 news. >> speaking of the congestion morning news traffic will be here beginning at 4:30 to show us how to get around with all the road closure for the president visit. you can also down load abc 7 exclusive ways traffic app to help navigate around the detour. it's free at apple store or google play. >> the president will head for a if you said raiser in
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southern california and santa monica then spend the rest of the weekend in palm springs meeting with new chinese president. that president arrived at ontario international airport this evening for the meeting greeted by los angeles mayor and marine honor guard. >> new at 11:00 the director of national intelligence says top secret phone record program could cause i are reversible damage and change the way the enemy work. the data mining program is more than phone call. the post the nsa and the fbi have tapped that the server of yahoo, microsoft google apple for years. post says the government is monitoring the e-mails and documents. sources say agents can literally watch a person ideas form as the person types. congress already split on the issue when it was just phone call being tracked. >> violent constitution of the united states and the heart and
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soul of america is a free country. >> president bush started it continued we need it. >> administration says data mining is a critical tool for detouring terrorists and protected by court orde google l apple yahoo facebook all deny participating in a the program. >> happening now tropical storm andrea leaving a soggy trail up the east coast note. first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season already pummel florida with rain and wind topping 60 messrs. at least 8 tornadoes this thing spawpd now heading georgia and the carolinas. we track the storm tonight sandhya. >> andrea has definitely weaken but picking up steam continue to make its way along the east coast here. locally watching the fog but i do want to show you an degree moved in from florida into georgia. made land fall earlier this afternoon. around the big bend
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area packing 65 miles an hour wind gust and as you just heard from dan tornado reported now heavy rain band moving up the carolina coast line and tropical storm an degree is a packing wind of 45 miles an hour right now moving northeast at 19 miles an hour. on this track it's going to continue upy rain weakening by friday afternoon so of course flooding is a concern still potential for tornadoes traveling there for business or pleasure some kids already out of school. here's how much rain we expect. from 2 to 6 inches could see isolated amount of up to 8 inches of rain. locally here keeping track of our upcoming heat as temperatures rise the air quality is going to be did he change. spairt air alert issued for tomorrow i'll let you know how much hotter it gets coming up. >> all right thank you. >> some neighbors in the east bay having to make do without water tonight. services out because 3 nearly simultaneous water main brake all over the
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city. amma is live in vallejo with the story for us. amma. >> resident should have the water back by now. you can sea work here at this main break location has been finished. crew left about an hour ago n.all about 40 homes were affected. >> the huge flow of water erupted from ellen berg street vallejo 4:00 o'clock. city water distribution manager says the water main break caused bay spike in pressure at the treatment plant in north a vallejo. the spike didn't just cause one main to break. check out the scene at web street and pearl court. sink hole. dillon drive a third break that left close to 30 homes with little to no water. >> drove back from lunch it was all ruptured and water spilling all over the place. construction vehicle out there and redirecting traffic. >> moore at the parent home for the weekend. work crew came by the house. >> told us they were going to shut off our water and needed
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to get any water to do it within the neck couple minutes to shut off the water license to the house. >> neighbor across the street say they weren't told anything. >> real inconvenience not to have water. >> bit would be helpful of course if they had told us kind of that it was off. i mean, we didn't really know that we had no water until we didn't have. >> i asked the guy you know give me an estimate when it could be fixed he said he didn't know. until they get down there and see. >> crew work well in the night for water restored to affected rest didn't. city is trying to figure out why the water pressure spiked so it doesn't happen again a.m. 7 day news. >> it may keep police headquarters closed until monday. the fix is more complicated than first thought. real mess in fact. the drying out process on the third floor has left the lingering chemical smell. so if you need police services go to the east mont
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sub station instead of the oakland headquarters. that sub station on 73 avenue. >> up next. violent fight between police officer and sues is pblingt. we have the video. why officers say the real hero tonight is a homeless man. >> also some 1 fires into a muni bus. see how the driver took matters into her own hand. >> and big security concern chain. if you shop
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>> make your commute more >> make your commute more bearable this
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>> well, new at 11:00. mystery man who stepped in when officer was fitting for his life has come forward in sacramento tonight. it was two week ago when john lindsay saw an officer getting the worst of it from deraned man. that's when this video was taken. >> felt lake it was my duty as a citizen of the united states to help the officer. i kick the guy open, in the ribs on the side kick him off the officer. >>reporter: lindsey was afraid would he get in trouble you see especially after the man died but the coroner says lindsay was not responsible for. that lindsey says he's a former loan
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officer homeless since the housing crash. he says he's just glad the officer is alive and okay. >> san francisco muni bus driver turned in a first responder when she took a passenger to the hospital following gang shooting. because driver drove to san francisco general. bus had 2 bullet hole in the rear left win o. member of the gang task force say 3 men fired into the bus just after 2 this afternoon in the portrero hill neighbor. 22-year-old victim either hit by flying glass or perhaps grazed by bullet. he's going to be okay. >> warning tonight to people who shop at the raily chain of stores. the stores were hit by huge cyberattack and credit card and debit card numbers of customers may have been compromised. if you shop there this might have happened to you. company officials found out about it last thursday and contacted the fbi. raily own knob hill belaire food source and of course raily far raily not discovered any unauthorized transactions however. >> government run health agency
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is defeping the use of photo shop image to make children appear obese. take a look. now the real image is on your left. on the right is the same image photo shop by the group first 5 of california. first 5 says that image is intended to show parents the real life consequences of what sugar can did to children fly critic say this is outrageous. >> city of hayward take guns off the streets. not real ones. toys. the school is holding a toy gun exchange on saturday. if kids turn in the play weapon they get a book and chance to win a bicycle. police will also be there to teach about gun safety. the principal says toy gun desensitize kids to the dang frer real ones. however advocate say the threat is over blown and playing cops and robbers normal part of growing up. >> shawn parker protesting news reports he damaged the environment big sur wedding. he was fined 2 and half million dollars. california coastal commission posted pictures claiming parker graded land for dance floor and built bridges and artificial lake all without
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the proper permit. parker says the restructuring of the redwood forest was an act of love. he claims conservation is a large part of the life. he does admit to spending 4 and half million dollars to prep the site. >> how can do you that work. >> you saw what he did. quite a lot. >> let's talk about the weathe weather. >> sandy is getting warmer. >> i hope deed it is. summer is coming about two week early today. temperatures warm into the mid 80's and warm east inland valley. low 90 only in apartment i don't care. koypingter 50's to low 60's and as you look at live doppler 7 hd see the coast pretty socked in. fog out towards oakland in towards santa rosa and hayward. view of the fog from our exploring camera sky line of san francisco. this is what it is going to look like first thing tomorrow morning. so watch out for possible pockets of dense fog by morning exploratorium fwaechlt oakland 55. it is currently 58 degrees in san jose and 57 in santa
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cruz. golden gate bridge a little bit on the murky side. temperatures santa rosa fwaeshtion livermore at 60 degrees. still pretty comfortable in livermore and it gets hot in livermore tomorrow. from high definition emeryville camera we see the fog back towards the coastne. t highlights. foggy area in the morning. hot inlistened next 2 day and sharp cool down expected on sunday. as you look from high roof definition f top camera breeze blowing save from you get toogood hot along the coast and still enough of a sea breeze but with the temperatures increasing air quality will not be very good in some parts so spare the air declared for your friday. looking at poor air quality inland east bay and santa klir vaechlt moderate air quality the rest of the bay year. beach hazard warning to pass along to you. this is continue go through friday night for the santa cruz area beaches where we have already seen south easterly swell arriving. strong rip current certainly possible large shore break so
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if you do head to the coast line and decide you want to get away from the hot weather be careful out there. look at the overnight temperatures in the 50's to even low 60's around antioch. fog near the coast in over parts of the bay once again it might be dense in pockets so could be slow going the morning commute. give yourself plenty of time. afternoon high summer like spread will call it our summertime micro climate. half moon bay 68 degrees mild. warmer as you get away from the sea breeze influence. 78 in oak land. walnut creek 95 degrees and it's really going to start to get hot well inlan inland. antioch flirting with the triple digit mark there coming if at 98 degrees. rest of the high. san jose 88 tomorrow in the south bay. 87 in santa clara. 78 for new santa cruz. 92 degrees in gill roychlt peninsula and you see the temperatures warm as well. 75 millbrae. 83 redd with city. palo alto 85 loss at ocean -- altos the pulled away sea breeze mid upper 60's and
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68 degrees downtown san francisco 70 degrees. 65 in daly city and as you see the north bay temperatures in the triple digit ukiah clear lake, warm 91 santa rosa and sonoma, 72 in sausalito. east bay 78 in oakland. 82 union city. head i it's going to feel like mir. 98 fairfield. 98 also for antioch. 95 san ramone. 96 livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast. toasty the next two days. close to the triple digit mark and we call it warm around the bay. mild coast side. much cooler sunday. big drop off in the temperatures. only mid 70's by monday. cooler than average early next week. temperatures will rebound. let you know how hot it gets in your communicate. keep track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler 7 hd. >> thanks so much. >> nba final first game. >> pretty good game. larry her with the highlights. >> people thought it was all miami in the series. not so
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fast. game one of the final. . tonyat. tony parkerson for . tonyat. tony parkerson for asked french
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>> no. as were your fans know all too well spurs guard parker has completely dominated during the fba plea offs. man from france was magazine knife isn't. in game one of the nba finals in miami. i have to work on that. clearly. yes. thank you. wow! it's so nice to share the
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set with you. duane wade right there 17 points. duncan 12 of the 20 came in the second quarter. beats the buzzer her here. just got it off in time. heat led by 3 at the half. fourth quarter parker spins and lays it in. wondering where he went. great spin move. spurs up by 3. lebron on triple double. 18 points 18 board 10 assist and would not give up here on the put back. heat down 4. 11 seconds left. spurs by 2. parker doing the curly globe trotter routine. gets upe shot clock. 21 points. the spurs game 192-88. parker on the final shot. >> it was a crazy play. i thought i lost the ball 3 or 4 times and didn't work out like i wanted to but at the end i was trying to get a shot up and felt good when left my hand and i was happy it went in. >> he just barely did beat the
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buzzer by a tenth of a second. game 2 sunday nature right here on abc 7. >> adam grew up in chicago so this is really happy homecoming for the a's short stop. smacked 4 homer against the what it sox. some guys know they look better with the mask on. what it is. rally from 3 nothing definite situation. 6th inning. not mean. he is yours. second homer of the year. down 4-3 in the fifth. pitching to to right reddick make the catch. comes up throwing play at the plate and he's out. norris tag at tyler flowers double play then in the seventh reddick does it at the plate. 4 21 foot blast second of the year and talked at 4. on to the tenth. hear adam turn the fast ball up with family friends in the park. solo blast off thornton. cubs fan being a white sox is extra
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spechlingts 5-4 victory. college baseball pitcher mark was selected first over all in the amateur draft. he grew newspaper houston drafted by pittsburgh last year decideed to go back to stanford the senior year. it paid off because he will probably soon for more than 7 million dollars. to the ice gym 4 of the western conference finals, dust at any whoa levels brent. second period contention up 2- 2-1. patrick chain with a tip past quick. we are tied at 2. on to the third. chicago on the attack. former shark and shoots and scores. chicago wins 3-2. they take a 3-1 series lead. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> magnificent. >> this photo of harrison barns
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our ghost tonight on toyota after the game i don't want to say that i let him dunk on me. i thought i was in perfect position to take the charge but some people think i was flopping. i guarantee land dry sunday night the warriors i will not be dunked on again. >> win academy award for that. i love the expression. >> very natural. >> up next. bear on the run. >> yes and the cops far behind. stay with us. the behind. stay with us. the story in a mo
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snroo look at the wake up weather. rip current advisory continues for the santa cruz beaches watch out for that. coastal fog and some bay side fog could be dense in the morning. spare the air alert for friday techlts 60 8:00 a.m. close to 70 degrees in some spots. mike at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tracking upcoming heat. >> thanks so much. >> young bear led new mexico police on foot realize -- race an managed to get away. >> making track down the stree street. the chase began near the high school the home of the bears. >> police lost track of the
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bear near black bear lane and black bear loop. that's true as well. not making this up. >> officials say this is the time of year young bear look for safe place to live and mat mate. streets and schools after that. >> the bare got awhich. >> "jimmy kimmel live"t-is next. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> morning news starts
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his most important basket. desperation jumper with five second left. >> right. it counted after a review. that put the spurs up by four. that was that. san antonio wins. miami, 92-88. game two sunday night. once again catch it here on abc. >> kind of excited about the series. like, tim duncan in the finals. little old school. retro. they're going to be tough. proved it in game one. >> spurs are rough and tumble. they're 5 for 5, winning game ones. games one. game ones. >> really? >> yes. every time they have been presented with a game one, they won it last five times. not bad. just the fifth time of in franchise history the spurs have made it this far. >> really? should be a good series. looking forward to it. coming up, the challenges women face in the male dominated world of horse racing, what women have to put up with. in a "world news now" special report. happy national doughnut day, why this is a legitimate holiday
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on the books for decades. what a treat. you are watching "world news now." ♪ d-d-d donuts d-d-d dough nuts ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. w" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.


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